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Classroom With

In this episode of 'Classroom With', multi million streaming artist Caius talks about his experience in the music industry and breaks down the steps he took to get his first releases on Spinnin' Records.

Everyone who has been on the internet must have heard one of his tracks. In this episode 'Classroom With', JJD talks about the steps he took from a bedroom producers to more than 50M+ streams online.

One of the most influential people of the Benelux music industry sat down to talk with us about publishing and his role as the Head of A&R at BMG Talpa.

... and many more episodes, with new ones being added regularly.

Learning Vault

A comprehensive guide, covering all the essential steps for a successful single release in 2022.

This guide helps you plan your music career from A to Z.

Stand out from the crowd through the right branding with this guide.

Every single guide comes with free downloadable templates, worksheets and checklists to get you started immediately.

Ask Me Anything with Robert Tammens

Every month, you get the chance to ask Robert all your questions. He worked as an A&R at Spinnin' Records and Sony Music. During this Ask Me Anything sessions, you could literally ask him anything: from the latest marketing strategies to understanding music deals, Robert will answer your questions.

1:1 Zoom-call with Robert Tammens

As a bonus when you join as a Pro member today, you'll get invited to a 1-on-1 zoom call with Robert himself. This is a very special bonus and we can't run it forever, so take advantage of it while it's still available.

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